Investment in this sector began with the creation of LeYa Group, in 2007. LeYa is now of one of the leading publishing group in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and Brazil.

Having identified that there was an opportunity to consolidate the Portuguese speaking educational publishing and editorial markets, in Portugal the LeYa Group was formed through seven rapid acquisitions over a period of 16 months in 2007/8.

LeYa management invested considerable time gaining an in-depth understanding of the Brazilian market, both in general publishing, in education and in Learning Systems. LeYa launched its general publishing operations in late 2009 and education in 2010. In 2011, LeYa acquired 51% of Posead, based in Brasilia, thus entering the e-learning market (now UnYLeYa).

LeYa’s ambition is to become one of the global leaders in Portuguese language publishing markets and in publishing the leading Portuguese language authors, promoting the language throughout the world. This objective has been achieved in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique, while in Brazil LeYa has managed to grow double digits each year.