The Quifel Group is present in the Renewable Energy area since 2007. Specialized in the study, design and operation of early stage projects with the most promising potential in the medium-long term.


Campo Largo

In Brazil, The Quifel Group promoted one of the country’s largest and potentially most productive wind and solar farms, having established a partnership with a local reference utility company for more than 1 GW of installed capacity. This is one of the largest investment projects in the State of Bahia.

The growing need for energy in one of the biggest economies of the world is a key driver for value of this partnership.

Installation of the parks has began in the second semester of 2016.



Based on The Quifel Group's successful experience in Campo Largo, Norwind was created in 2016 to maximize the renewable energy development opportunities in Brazil.

Based in the State of Rio Grande do Norte, Norwind is currently developing several projects in different Brazilias Northwest locations, with a combined potential installed capacity of 4 GWs.

Norwind is well positioned to capture the new wave of investment, working hand in hand with utilities and 3rd party investors.



In 2007, The Quifel Group, via its Hemera subsidiary entered the decentralized energy production segment, namely Solar PV, Solar Themal and other technologies. Hemera was the first EPC company in Portugal to directly invest in a solar project in a resort in Algarve, thus leading the way for 3rd parties investments.

In 2012 Hemera joined forces with the Ikaros Solar group, establishing a JV for the Portuguese Solar PV market: Ikaros-Hemera. Ikaros-Hemera is currently the EPC market leader in FIT projects, while being also one of the leading companies in Self Consumption projects.

Solar PV is expected to grow significantly in the coming 3-5 years, and Ikaros-Hemera is posed to capture a relevant share of that growth.