Miguel Pais do Amaral has over 30 years’ experience in Real Estate investments. Residential, offices, retail, tourism and logistics, in excess of over 120.000 sqm and 150 Million € of total investment.

He’s also the Founding Partner of the Portuguese Real Estate Association (APPII; www.appii.pt)

The Quifel Group currently operates in Real Estate directly or via a group of companies.


The Edge Group

Founded in 2002, The Edge Group operates in the Portuguese real estate market, with a value-add perspective.

It owns and manages directly a diversified and balanced portfolio of yielding assets, quasi-yielding assets and development projects. Mostly focused in commercial real estate, namely offices and mixed-use buildings, it also presents a location diversification, be it within the prime areas of Lisbon (the main market) be it throughout the other main real estate local markets (namely main cities in the outskirts of Lisbon and in Oporto).

Not least importantly, The Edge Group is a full fledged real estate company prepared to operate in partnership with other companies such as infrastructure or retail operators.



Phillips Park

The Quifel Group is the reference shareholder of a company that is developing a residential project in the area of Foxhall Road in Washington DC, USA



Other investments

The Quifel Group is also present in residential projects in the Lisbon-Estoril axis and owns a 2nd homes project in a prime location in Algarve.